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Spain’s voice on Space

The existence of a Spanish Space Agency had been a long term goal of the space sector industry a fact that was made clear in the Sectoral Agenda of the Spanish Space Industry published in October of 2019.
The leading countries in our vicinity with which we frequently collaborate in space programs and missions have their own national agencies, regardless of their membership in other international agencies such as the European Space Agency.
Now, the Spanish Space Agency will allow for a better coordination between institutional organizations and industries that operate in the space sector. It will establish a national policy both for the public and private sector, and bestow Spain with a unified presence in the complex and competitive international arena to defend the interests of Spain in matters related to space.
There is now no doubt in anyone’s minds that space programs and their applications are fundamental assets in political environments and economic sectors; for energy, climate, the environment, security and defense, healthcare, agriculture and food policy, for transportation, tourism, digital markets and mobile communications, for the regional policy and for local governance.
For this reason, counting with a structure that efficiently coordinates the various national departments with the responsibilities of the space sector is of extreme importance in a changing world.
In a sector such as Space, the Spanish Space Agency is, above all, an institutional interlocutor of the first order”
In addition to this, more and more often the equipment, components and instruments used in the space sector, as well as space data and services, are becoming dual use.
Because of this, the dual affiliation of the agency to the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Ministry of Defense must guarantee the space security and defense objectives established in our national strategies and directives. The agency must be the tool that offers a priority response to the requirements established by our Armed Forces in matters of defense and that helps in their fulfillment.
When it comes to industry, the agency will boost and streamline the Spanish space sector, fostering its development and competitiveness to encourage the participation of companies in new international programs and missions.
We therefore believe that having a National Space Plan that complements our involvement with ESA can be the right tool to accomplish this. And, furthermore, that the new structure as an agency will facilitate a muchneeded coordination to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the available financial resources.
If there is anything that sets space apart from many other sectors of the economy, that is its global benefit to society. The activity and presence in space improves our lives on Earth, helps us answer questions about the origin of the universe and the human being, and has changed the way in which we relate to each other as people.
In spite of this, and of the continued efforts of our association, TEDAE, in this mission, we must still persevere in conveying to society and the public opinion the immense value of participating in space for countries and for people. Being aware of this need, the agency will have a Space and Society unit that will work toward this end.
Because the fact is that, in a sector as global as space, the Spanish Space Agency is, first and foremost, a toplevel institutional representative. This role will enable Spain to increase the footprint of the space sector in the world, and in particular, in Ibero-America, of whom we must be natural partners.
Moreover, the existence of the Spanish Space Agency will foster the relationship with other international agencies and the possibility of entering into partnership and bilateral agreements with other countries as the sole representative in matters of space, as well as access to forums where we had never participated in the past.
If there is one thing that distinguishes Space from many other sectors of the economy, it is its benefit to society”
In conclusion, now comes the time to give continuity to, and consolidate, our Space Agency as an instrument that gives prestige to our sector, which develops an industry that serves citizens and projects Spain’s image as a modern country committed with the future. The Spanish Space Agency is our voice on space.

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