Friday, 19 April 2024
The year 2022 started with the approval of the national security strategy by the council of ministers - the national security policy framework that, among other things, outlines the creation of a Spanish Space Agency.
The creation of a national space agency is a longtime request of the sector and an issue that had already started being discussed by mid-last year, but since Pedro Duque - former Minister of Science and Research - left his position in the government, it seemed to be at a standstill. However, during the 2nd Space & Industrial Economy 5.0 Sevilla Virtual Summit in December, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez reaffirmed the executive branch’s intention of creating this agency.
Ultimately, the announcement was made with the approval of the National Security Strategy in late December last year. The document outlines that the purpose of the agency will be to “manage our capabilities and establish a policy that serves as a guide for both the public and the private sector.”
Following this, on February 14, the Council of Ministers approved the bill for the new Law of Science, Technology and Innovation, which authorizes the creation of the Spanish Space Agency (AEE).
The creation of this institution aims to strengthen the Spanish space industry and to act as a middleman, representing the national industry and fostering contact and collaboration with other European space organizations, such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), as well as international ones (NASA).
The news has been well-received by the national space industry, which hopes that this creation will serve to give a boost to the sector and to engage in bilateral or multilateral relationships and agreements.
The Vice President for Space of TEDAE, Jorge Potti, recently stated in an interview for Actualidad Aeroespacial that he expects the creation of the Agency to “serve to give a boost to the sector” and to “establish a national space strategy that takes into consideration all the needs of the administrations and of society as a whole.”
In addition, in 2022 we will see the ESA Ministerial Council take place, where new programs and budgets for the next few years will be approved, as well as the II Congreso del Espacio (2nd Space Congress) organized by TEDAE, which aims to inform of the capabilities of the sector in Spain, build a forum for dialog between space sector stakeholders and share goals and visions for the future while identifying challenges and opportunities.

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