Sunday, 26 May 2024
During the general assembly of the Community of Ariane Cities held in Milan (Italy), the city of Seville was selected to hold the presidency of CVA in 2024, reassuming its successful role of 2019.
This new recognition highlights the privileged position of Seville as the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency, reaffirming its leadership in the aerospace industry both within Spain and in Europe.
The selection of Seville to hold the presidency of the CVA in 2024 highlights the strategic importance conferred by the city to the space sector, cementing it as a hotspot for investments and strengthening its international position in this field.
The decision, made unanimously, reflects the effective collaboration between the different organizations that supported Seville’s candidacy, demonstrating a shared commitment and a joint vision to strengthen the development of the aerospace industry in the region.
The backing received by this presidency can mainly be attributed to the Seville City Hall and Airbus, with the active support of over 40 entities that participated in the Space Forum. Throughout the year, over 40 professional, educational, communicational and entertainment initiatives will be carried out related to the aerospace sector, thereby contributing to fostering knowledge and innovation in this exciting field.
Through this appointment, Seville reaffirms its commitment with the development and promotion of the space sector, consolidating as a key space stakeholder in the European and global landscape.

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